Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

“Canninghill Piers from CDL is an exclusive freehold development located in the centre of Orchard Road, one of the world’s famous shopping strips. The main retail strip is located along Cuscaden Road and Tanglin Road, right in the affluent residential neighbourhood of Cuscaden. The adjacent properties are targeted at an international clientele that includes retail giants such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Be enveloped by a host of top-notch shopping offerings and culinary establishments, enjoy what Canninghill Piers has to offers.”

If you’re looking for a unique luxury condominiums Canninghill Piers for sale, then take a look at this. This is one of the rare open-loops in Singapore whereby all the units are still available. This means that prospective buyers can get their hands on the units, as well as, all the updated features and amenities. This includes elevators, car parking, and other in-house facilities. It also has fully-equipped fitness centres and swimming pools.

A developer, who goes by the name of Parade Road LLC, is responsible for making Canninghill Piers project come to life. They’ve hired the services of a renowned architect, K.S. Rishikesh, to oversee the construction work. Rishikesh is a successful residential developer with a portfolio of award-winning projects. With the help of Rishikesh and Parade Road LLC, you’ll be able to live in one of their luxurious, gated communities.

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

There are plenty of luxurious properties such as Canninghill Piers for sale right now. If you’re looking for a family home or simply an investment property that you can turn over regularly, these are definitely the ones for you. They’re also great for people who need to work from the convenience of their residence. These units have kitchens, living rooms, and spacious bedrooms.

Take a look at this Canninghill Piers. Canninghill Piers home for sale has been refurbished and is located just beside the River Walk. The units are fully furnished and include two swimming pools and an abundance of space. You’re looking at a tidy, modern design and the units have all the necessities needed for a comfortable home.

If you’re looking for something that’s more upscale, these units at Canninghill Piers are for you. They come complete with top-of-the-line appliances, hardwood flooring, and breathtaking views of the city. The units are located on the upper floors of a fully renovated building. The units have been restored and are ready for sale. This is also a great location if you love to entertain because the units are close to the sidewalk.

These Canninghill Piers units are located close to the downtown area, but they’re a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. This will allow you to enjoy all the shopping, dining, and other fun activities without having to go through the traffic. When you’re looking for luxury, this is definitely one of your best options. With ample parking, big backyards, and lovely landscaping, you’re looking at an ideal place to raise your family and to live your life to the fullest. The price is right, so start making plans to take advantage of this amazing opportunity today.

Whether you’re looking for a condominium or a row house, this unique location has everything you’re looking for. Come autumn, you’ll be able to find some beautiful pieces for sale. The architecture and design of the buildings are impeccable. Take a tour of the property soon and you’ll see the real estate gems. Once you make your decision, you can get started on creating your dream living space. With Bouvier Real Estate, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to buy your new home.

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

When you’re looking for an apartment at Canninghill Piers, you can count on living in a contemporary apartment building. Whether you’re looking for studio apartments, one, or two bedrooms, you’ll easily find something that will meet your needs. With the real estate market continues to show no signs of slowing down, it’s time to start planning your future.

Make sure that you look into your options, whether you’re looking for a new place to live or a new condominium to purchase. Take a look online and see what you can find. While you’re online, check out our blog for up-to-date information on the most recent listings. The future of this great city is right around the corner!

“Welcome to Canninghill Piers Singapore, a freehold project by renowned Singapore real estate developer CDL. “Canninghill Piers Singapore,” as it is popularly known, is a luxury freehold project located at the convergence of plush malls and shopping centres, right in the midst of the vibrant Singapore River. The prime location is located on Cuscaden Street and Tanglin Road, right in the centre of Cuscaden, adjacent to the swanky brands like Appleby’s, Oxford Street, and Macy’s. Be enveloped by a host of high-class shopping venues and eating establishments, enjoy all that Canninghill Piers Singapore has to offer by living in this premium serviced apartment. Located just minutes from Singapore’s business hub of the Singapore River, your complimentary stay will allow you to explore all that Singapore has to offer, right from an up-to-date lifestyle and rich dining options.

The interior of each room at Canninghill Piers Singapore condos offers a variety of modern amenities. For example, at the master bedroom, you will find a king size bed, a fully en suite toilet, a full kitchen with all the appliances and a full-service kitchen team just a stone throw away. The adjacent bedroom amenities are no less impressive; the ultra-comfortable sofa bed, double bed, a shower with a rain shower head, and oversized bath with steam shower are sure to make you feel right at home.

Amenities nearby Canninghill Piers include the finest dining restaurants in Singapore, as well as some of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Each room at Boulevardnefits combines modern design with a comfortable and spacious interior. For an enjoyable meal or a relaxing night out, try one of our Chinese restaurants or one of our fine dining restaurants located nearby.

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

If you are not a fan of restaurants, the open-air eateries located at Boulevardnefts is the perfect choice for you. Choose from a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, hand-made sandwiches and freshly baked pies. No need to leave the room to enjoy these fantastic mouth-watering creations. For breakfast or lunch, you will be able to enjoy a range of freshly baked pastries and salads. You can also enjoy our lunchtime buffet of freshly prepared dishes, such as wrapping, freshly cooked soups, stir-fry, and desserts.

With everything that you need right outside your Canninghill Piers, it makes sense that you will enjoy every moment at the beach. At our open air dining restaurant, you will enjoy an assortment of freshly prepared seafood dishes. For those of you who prefer something different, you may even have a delectable Chinese cuisine. Enjoy the amazing tropical atmosphere of our restaurant while enjoying some of the best food in town.

Shopping in our community near Canninghill Piers locationis conveniently made available to you. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, you can find a number of top quality department stores right onsite. If you have items that you do not wish to waste, you can donate them to our thrift shop. In addition to this, you can find a wide variety of second hand goods in the open air dining restaurants. Our community offers a great location to live, work and play. We invite you to come and experience the beauty of Boulevardnefts.

City Developments Limited, commonly called by its shortened abbreviation, CDL, or for short, City Developments, is an internationally acclaimed real estate property development company operating in more than eighty countries around the world and is the developer for Canninghill Piers. CDL maintains a strong commitment to building communities through its projects. The company was established by entrepreneur John Mills, who had joined the ranks of the Asian Development Bank in 1967. As his business started to prosper, he went on to form the John Mills Group, one of the biggest real estate developers in Singapore today.

From his first few projects, Canninghill Piers CDL slowly branched out into several fields of business. Apart from developing residential properties, the company also handles commercial and industrial projects. A large portion of their work involves the development of islands and condominiums in cities such as Singapore and Brisbane, Australia. Another major area of business is the entertainment and hospitality industry in the form of theme parks, hotels, resorts, clubs, and restaurants. They have also established a tie-up with the Disney Company in the form of a shopping centre in Singapore.

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

One thing that is important to consider when selecting a condo located near to the Singapore River is the proximity to bus stops. Canninghill Piers would be convenient to get to work if you are close to public transport. Bus services go all over the city and serve the most areas. If your condominium has a lot of gardens and outdoor recreational facilities, it would be convenient to use these facilities to get to and from work.

The surrounding area of Canninghill Piers also important when considering the type of condo to buy. Are there any good schools within walking distance? Are there any parks or other recreational centers within the vicinity? Are there any green spaces in the area? It would be best to avoid buying a high-rise condominium building, as these pose the biggest risks of being constructed of inferior materials.

One of the major advantages of working with a company like CDL is that they make use of their own property analysis department, which is well respected throughout the industry. The experts conduct thorough market research, providing the buyer with accurate property values and property information. It is essential that a real estate developer to adhere to the “codes” as laid down by the government for property valuation. The “codes” are primarily Singaporean, but they are followed worldwide.

The company also has an in-depth understanding of the current Singapore real estate market, especially pertaining to residential properties. In fact, they conduct several studies each year that determine the value proposition of a certain area or location, which is then used by the global real estate firms to value their Singapore properties. A Singapore property’s value is also determined by the current employment rate and the number of commercial establishments and industries operating within the city.

As an example, a relatively small office building located in an urban area may be priced higher than similar establishments located in a suburban area because of the limited number of employees. The same theory holds true for apartment buildings. Other factors that contribute to the pricing of a property include its proximity to a train station or other modes of public transportation, its proximity to important government buildings and tax incentives. There are also special concessions for certain establishments such as hotels and restaurants.

As a result of this, there are some areas in the city that are more expensive than others. CDL developments are designed to maximize returns by minimizing the total land cost. This ensures that the developer does not rely on one specific type of customer to meet its financial obligations. This results in more properties that will attract a diverse group of patrons. One can thus expect to see more new establishments in the areas that have limited availability of commercial real estate.

Another way to limit the cost of development is to avoid investing in sites that will be prone to noise pollution. Areas that are near train stations or highways often suffer from heavy traffic, which can result in increased automobile wear and tear. The sound of traffic can damage the aesthetic appeal of a property, especially if it is located in a less preferred part of the city. This is why it is a good idea to avoid investing in commercial real estate in areas where noise pollution is prevalent.

The creation of an urban centre helps the economy by providing a cheaper source of space. These factors help the city developments become more efficient. It is a good idea to invest in these city developments if you want to enjoy the best of the development in the country.

Located on the east coast of Singapore, the Singapore River boasts one of the country’s most popular locations for both river travel and river dining. The Singapore River is an estuary that runs parallel to the Malay Mail and drains into the Marina Reservoir at the northern end of Singapore. This relatively small body of water has given birth to many Singapore restaurants and eateries. Some of the country’s finest cuisine can be found here.

History. Singapore has been under colonial rule from the British for more than a century. Much of the early history of Singapore can be found in the cramped conditions of small fishing villages around the East Coast. While these villages still serve as homes for some of the original inhabitants of Singapore, the majority of Singaporean today live in the modern, urbanized parts of the island. In fact, shopping and nightlife have become integral elements of the Singapore culture, so much so that the number of local restaurants and eateries has swelled to more than 900.

Modernizing History. Singapore became a modern nation in 1957, following the formation of the Republic of Singapore. The new country had little natural land to develop, so it depended on its people to provide it with resources and manpower. The first wave of modernization arrived with the influx of Chinese from China, who brought with them the cuisine they had developed in their homeland. This cuisine was later adopted by Singapore, which used it as the basis of its modern food culture.

Singapore cuisine has evolved into a world-famous blend of hawker food, Chinese regional cuisine, Indian food, western lunch and dinner, and a whole host of other regional cuisines. This wide range of options provides patrons with a wide variety of venues to enjoy their food and drinks. Restaurants in Singapore have also expanded their menu to include seafood, Italian, French, Japanese, and other world-acclaimed specialty foods. Whatever type of restaurant patrons want to dine in, they will be able to find one in Singapore, from small roadside stalls to world-class restaurants.

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

Canninghill Piers Next to Singapore River by CDL Launching Soon

History of Singapore River. A long time ago, before Singapore existed as a nation, this region was part of Malay Peninsula. Its people were mainly Malays, and they lived in huts known as “taai malay”. These tribesmen had to make their way across this harsh jungle area, using rickety boats and wooden fishing nets. But along the way, they discovered the deliciousness of rivers, and trading with these countries, they were able to establish prosperous nations such as Singapore in the present day.

Today, this region is one of the most densely populated areas in Singapore. And even though it has become a modern state, the villages here are still known for their friendly people and delicious cuisine. “The Raffles Hotel”, as a famous example, is a testament to this. It is Singapore’s oldest hotel, serving excellent local and international dishes. There are also many places that serve international food in this region, like “The Delapores Restaurant”, “Drunk Fish Pub” and so on.

The regional cuisine of Singapore is very different from that of the country itself. ” Tamil Nadu ” is an extremely popular food here, due to the abundance of Tamarind. “Hubli” is another popular specialty. This dish is made by boiling milk, spices and wheat flour in coconut oil. “Sims” is perhaps Singapore’s famous multi-cuisine food, with a huge variety of dishes. It can also include meat, seafood and even desserts.

Most tourists travel to this region to enjoy the food and the culture. A number of international and national restaurants are available here. Some of the well-known restaurants are “Le Lait des Olivers”, “Le Bordeaux des Olivers” and “Le Burger Brasserie”. These restaurants aim at providing the maximum number of cuisines. All these cuisines can be ordered through a sit-down meal or a take away.