Enhancing Your Interiors with Platform Beds

In recent years, platform beds have become quite trendy.  You now see them on interior design websites, in magazines, in stores and in homes all around.  Their popularity is understandable, when you consider that they require no cumbersome, squeaky wooden or metal bedframes and are fairly easy to set up.  They are also great for young children who risk injury from falling out of taller beds.  Continue reading to find out how you too can effectively integrate these trendy new beds into your interior design plans.

Platform beds can be used to divide a large room into separate functional areas.  It can conveniently split your bedroom in half, clearly delineating the separation between your sleeping and reading/lounging areas.  This simple arrangement may, in fact, give your bedroom the feel of a luxury hotel room.  Add some creative artistic themes and flourishes, like the black-and-white circle and straight line motifs in the photographed room, to enhance this effect.

When you install a wall-to-wall platform bed in your bedroom, you essentially create a totally new room on the raised platform of the bed.  This gives you the “room within a room” effect.  Your lower-level room could be used as a study or work area, while the raised platform room could be used for sleeping, reading or watching TV.  Such a setup, clearly separating room functions, often increases your focus for study and work, while making it easier for you to sleep at night.

You can reduce the amount of furniture and number of light fixtures in your bedroom by buying the right platform bed.  Buy one that has lighting and side tables built into its headboard.  This has the added benefit of making your room look more sleek, trendy and modern.  As you can tell by the picture, sleek all-in-ones are cool.

Create the visual illusion of a higher ceiling, using a platform bed with a headboard as tall as the wall.  The low platform bed, with its tall headboard, makes your ceiling seem further away.  The distinctive simulated brick headboard depicted in the photo accentuates this illusion by providing a sharp contrast to the other walls.

Beds with large platforms can make getting to shelved items much easier.  With such a platform, there’s no longer a need for stepping stools, chairs or ladders to get to the things you store on shelves.  The depicted room takes full advantage of the platform bed by placing shelving right above it, in the recessed wall.  The shelving’s convenience is further enhanced by the room’s colour scheme; even in low light, the white shelving sticks out from the dark charcoal grey wall.

Add some artistic flair to your bedroom by emphasizing the rectangular form.  Your rectangular platform bed is but one element of this artistic creation.  Direct attention to various rectangular features around your room by painting them one or more striking colours.  The featured ivory bedroom does this by painting rectangular wall areas a bold dark orange.

Don’t risk ruining your living spaces, throwing away a ton of money and wasting valuable time, find the right interior designer to make your dream designs a reality.  Get the work done the right way, the first time.  It’s not worth the seemingly endless stress of later trying to fix a botched job.  Make the right investment now for years of stress-free enjoyment later.  Use HomeRenoGuru, Singapore’s top home renovation app and website, for a list of the best interior design companies.  They are sure to have recommendations that will meet your requirements and budget.  Ask for your no-obligation quote today!

Chip Eng Seng Real Estate Developer

Finding the right construction company to help you actualize your project is not as simple as it sounds. Most of us have had a bad experience when dealing with construction companies. You need to understand that most construction companies are desperate for jobs. Almost all the time, the construction companies will, therefore, give you unrealistic deadlines and promises just to get the job. You must be careful when deciding which construction company you should hire to work on your project. This article will provide you with important tips to ensure you choose the right construction company. The latest development by Chip Eng Seng is Kopar Newton Condo at Kampong Java Road.

Chip Eng Seng Real Estate Developer

The first and most important aspect that you need to look at is whether the company is licensed. You want licensed professionals working on your project to ensure that the job is handled properly. There is nothing more irritating than dealing with quacks who do not understand exactly what is expected of them. You must stay away from any construction company that is not licensed. Insurance is equally important because it protects both you and the construction company. A good example of a licensed and insured construction company is Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd.

Good Construction Company Chip Eng Seng

A good construction company with the latest development at Kopar at Newton near to Kampong Java Road should give you a realistic project completion timeline. Ensure that the construction company you choose is able to give you the entire break down of milestones in their timeline. This will help you know what and when to expect certain milestones to be achieved. Once a company gives you a timeline that is unrealistic and the milestones are not properly broken down, then reconsider hiring them.

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