Van Holland Freehold Condo Near to Holland Village and Buona Vista

This new freehold development by KOH brothers has the most benefits for families and investors. The development is located in Holland village, Singapore. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in Van Holland freehold property.
1. Rise in stamp duty
The government of Singapore has increased stamp duty for 2nd property owners from the present 7 percent to 12 percent. Now that the property prices are gradually increasing investors will have a great chance when investing in freehold properties to preserve their capital.

Expansion of Holland Village to Bring About More Value to Van Holland

2. The expansion of Holland village
Plans are underway to expand Holland village to accommodate private apartments among other developments. A total amount of $1.8 billion is to be used in the extension. This extension will have benefit those who in Holland village including this new development by KOH brothers.
What benefits will the extension bring?
1. A great experience for visitors with a colorful outdoor events among other activities
2. The extension plan involves a
• water court
• shopping places
• parks and
• Other leisure areas for pedestrians

Freehold Development Van Holland Located near to Buona Vista and One North MRT Station

3. MRT station
The freehold is located right next to Buona vista and One North MRT stations. With efforts from the government to make Singapore a knowledge-based economy, the industries in the high end sector such as biomedical sciences will be based in Buona vista. Therefore the professionals in these technologies will reside around Holland village.
4. Health and institutional advantages
There are health facilities available in the village. They are both public hospitals like Singapore general hospital and private clinics like International medical clinic. When choosing a living space the one thing in mind is whether there is a health facility around. As investor you look good investing in an area with two well-known public hospitals and various private clinics therefore attracting more clients.
Apart from hospitals there are many schools available for families who have kids. Schools like ACS International (Singapore) and St. Margaret’s secondary school are among the many options available.

Many Facilities Available at Van Holland Freehold Condo

5. Van Holland unique facilities
The condos offer unique services for the family. There is
• An indoor gym
• A tennis court
• Clubhouse
• Guard house
• A 50 meters swimming pool
• Function room
• Sun deck
• Children’s playground
The main reason for investing in this real estate freehold is the fact that KOH brothers have heard a lot of success in the real estate sector. They have been recognized and won many awards in Singapore. They are also listed in Singapore stock exchange. This makes them trustworthy and every investor feels safe in the hands of experienced developers.

SingHaiYi Group The Clematis Condo Clementi MRT Station

Everybody is dreaming to have paradise in their own house. Is it possible? Of course, it does. If you are in Singapore precisely at Jalan Lempeng Singapore’s, you will meet your paradise. At 2 Jalan Lempeng Singapore 128793, The Clematis SingHaiYi group will show you “how” paradise looks like.

SingHaiYi Group Near to Clementi MRT Station Singapore

A sturdy building that’s quite magnificent promises “heaven” for those of you who have it. Built on an area of 1,330,652 sqft, making The Clematis from Sing HaiYi group have a large parking area with neat green areas. The Clematis, Sing Haiyi group also give many facilities such as near to Clementi MRT station, near to prestigious schools such as Pei Chun Public School, the National University of Singapore, Raffles Girls’ School, Hwa Chong International School, Anglo Chinese Junior College, Chatsworth International School, and Singapore Polytechnic. The Clematis has around 1500 units at 633,644 sqft site area, making you will hard enough to fight for your dream paradise.

SingHaiYi Group New Home at The Clematis Condo

Not only that, the Sing HaiYi group also provides an interior that will always make you feel at home to The Clematis. Decorate with modern and comfortable nuances giving a modern yet environmentally friendly touch. Of course The Clematis, SingHaiYi Group will greatly coddle your little family.

Sing HaiYi Group has been very experienced in the property since it was built in 1988. Their name is pretty famous in the global property. Has experienced in building property for 30 years, producing residences that people always dream of. They do their best to fulfill “image of paradise” in order to grant people’s expectations about comfortable housing. Trying to provide coolness for its inhabitants, The Clematis SingHaiYi also surrounded by many “green” recreation like waterways and parks and 100 hectares of green spaces. The clean and healthy environment that you always dream of already on hand The Clematis, SingHaiyi Group.

SingHaiYi Group Jalan Lempeng

The beauty and location of The Clematis, SingHaiYi group not only good as a place to stay but also for make it great for business investment. Investment in this building provides a very promising advantage for business people. Moreover, the accreditation possessed by the Sing Haiyi group has also made the property price always increase every year. The Clematis from Sing HaiYi group already set all of your needs in it. From strategic location trough investment value make it looks like “heaven” on earth. The investment value not only giving benefits to your pocket but also for your health. What’s more important than healthy investment? Seeing many facilities has provided, what other “paradise” are you looking for?